Klaus Johannis, president of Romania,
The Romanian Government
The Prefecture of Harghita County
The Council of Bacau County

The council of Darmanesti, with an illegal decision of the councelers, arbitrarily decided to get in their own property the Hungarian military cemetery in Úz-völgy (Úz valley), which belongs to Csíkszentmárton, Harghita County. On the graves of the Defence Infantery Regiment Unit X. Miskolc, they put crosses, with the script: In memory of the unknown romanian soldiers.

The Hungarians from Romania respects the memory of those who were the victims od the Word War I, and II, despite the place where they are sleeping their ethernal sleep, or what nationality they have.

The Hungarians from Romania is living, working, and paying taxes here, as citizens, and enrich this country with his culture, so the act of the Council of Darmanesti is more than tribute insult. The blaspheme of our ancestor-s graves is a symbolistic message, summerising all those grievances, which-s target are the Hungarians from Romania, including their culture, history, their spiritual and material life, their national and economical existance, attacking, questioning and preventing even their existance.

It is enough!

On behalf of the Hungarian population in Romania, the historical Hungarian churches, councils, civilians, Hungarian political organizations and by the administrative laws we demand the following:

  • Investigation of all illegal activities done in an act of a tribute insult and proper punishment of the offenders.
  • Immediate restoration and removal of any modifications done in an act of tribute insult .
  • Immediate and proper organization of the borders of counties and villages in order to avoid further abuses.
  • Stopping the process of history falsification and the reviling of the Hungarians.
  • A public apology to the relatives of fallen soldiers in the cemetery and to the insulted nations.

Valley of Uz,
12th of May, 2019


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