- May 29, 2020 | Attila Szoó

On Thursday, nearly 100 Romanian nationalists, led by Mihai Tîrnoveanu, went to the WWI-era Austro-Hungarian graveyard in Úz Valley, despite curfew restrictions in place.

After last year’s violent actions, when an angry Romanian crowd broke into the cemetery, despite a chain Hungarians silently praying around its fence, nearly 100 Romanians went to the graveyard again this year to hold a commemoration. Similar to last year’s event, the organizer was the president of the nationalist Calea Neamului Association (The Way of the Nation), Mihai Tîrnoveanu. The massive crowd neglected current curfew restrictions between settlements due to the coronavirus pandemic to make the trip on Thursday to the graveyard. Tîrnoveanu, for example, had to cross multiple county borders to get there, as he lives in Brassó/Brasov County.

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