Úz Valley military cemetery - 12 May 2019Another victory for the Hungarians in Transylvania in the case of the military cemetery in Úz Valley: the Bacau County Court has finally cancelled the ownership of the cemetery by the town of Dormánfalva (Darmanesti) in Bacau County, Moldova.

An extract of the judgment of the Bacău County Court of Appeal, which was handed down on Tuesday, was published on the Romanian courts' portal on Wednesday morning.

It confirms the judgment of the Moinesti Court of First Instance of 24 March 2022.

Prior to last year's judgment at first instance, in October 2019, the Bacău Trial Court had already annulled with final effect the decision of the Municipal Council of Dormaniului in March 2019 to declare the military cemetery in Uzwölgy a public property. The town subsequently registered the 7979 square metres of the cemetery in its own name.

In March 2019, the municipality of Dormánfalva declared the military cemetery of Úzvölgyi a public property and in April it arbitrarily established a Romanian plot in the graveyard of the abandoned settlement of Úzvölgyi, on the border of Harghita and Bacău counties. Previously, the cemetery had been maintained by the Szekler municipality of Csíkszentmárton, and was regarded by the Hungarian community as a Hungarian military cemetery.

On 6 June 2019, thousands of Romanians forcibly forced their way into the cemetery to attend the Romanian Orthodox consecration of the Romanian plot and monument, after Szeklers tried to prevent this with a live dance.

One week after the violence, the Romanian authorities clarified that the 149 Romanian soldiers whose names were read out as part of the ceremony after the forced occupation of the cemetery were not buried in the cemetery in Úzvölgy.

Since then, nationalist squatters have repeatedly organised wreath-laying ceremonies in the cemetery for Romanian soldiers who, according to the official Romanian position, are not buried there.

MTI 15 February 2023.

Title image: Úz valley military cemetery, 12 May 2019 | Photo: © Toró Attila

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